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It’s time for different.

The world is changing.
So are clients’ expectations.
We believe wealth management

needs to change too.

The power of personal.

The advisor-client relationship is where we begin.
Because when it comes to their financial outlook, people want trusted, individualized advice—not one-size-fits-all automation. Our platform is built to strengthen the connections you already have. And help you create new ones.

Minutes matter.

Atria helps financial advisors and institutions do what they do best—connect with clients.
Our all-new Unio platform provides easy access to your entire book, down to every transaction—with all the analysis you need to make informed decisions and recommendations. Add back-office support that streamlines day-to-day tasks and you’ve got more time to grow your business. And become indispensable to your clients.

Practice, perfected.

A better business lies ahead.
It starts with the right products and services for your clients. Then, our thought leaders offer expertise in marketing, social media, workplace optimization, and recruiting to keep your practice healthy and growing. Later, when it’s time to slow down—we help with business transition, too.

Be heard.

Creating the wealth management firm of tomorrow doesn’t happen alone.
At Atria, we not only want advisor feedback, we count on it—because turning input into action is an everyday activity here. 

Start a conversation.

If you’re ready for a change,
you’re ready for Atria.

Be better here.


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