Imagine a modern wealth management firm that provides financial advisors with next generation tools, solutions and capabilities that empower them to prosper in a digitally connected and constantly evolving financial environment. 

Welcome to Atria Wealth Solutions

Atria Wealth Solutions pairs extensive wealth management experience and powerful resources to redefine wealth management solutions.


AWS advisors have access to


Responsive and Agile Operating Model  

Atria creates a flexible approach that enables quick decision making and rapid deployment of solutions

Premium Service and Support

Our financial advisors deserve quick, responsive interaction that streamlines and minimize administrative burdens


Collaborative Technology

Our best-of-breed technology deepens connectivity between financial advisors and their clients through digital engagement

Seasoned Practice Management Resources

Atria has proven strategies to help financial advisors develop and grow their practices


Direct Access to Senior Management

We’re here to assist and support financial advisor growth


We leverage data and behavioral analytics to provide insights and opportunities on your clients