Why Atria and CFS create a fantastic partnership

October 12, 2017

The future for credit unions and their advisors is very bright thanks to the combined resources of Atria and CFS. When we started our relationship with Valorie and Amy 12 months ago, we honestly did not fully appreciate the credit union space. But what we have realized over that time is how completely the credit union culture and philosophies align with our approach to running a business. We wanted to take the opportunity of our very first blog post to look to the future of this dynamic space. Working together with CFS, we are enthusiastic about our future in serving credit unions.  

The industry is changing. The investment services industry is changing fast. Regulations are making an impact, but changing consumer and advisor behaviors are at the forefront, driving the greatest shifts in our industry. Both Atria and CFS believe a successful wealth management firm must exist to improve people’s lives. To thrive in our quickly changing industry, we have to adapt to better serve people in the way they want to be served. 

Today’s clients demand more. They are increasingly more mobile focused, and they want full, holistic financial planning, customized solutions, and on-demand, online options. But without good resources, it can be difficult for credit unions to provide all of that without significantly increasing their members’ fees. Together, we fundamentaly believe we are building a solution that addresses client demands today. Our business model is built on improving people’s lives, so our goal is to provide the best capabilities and greatest capacity to serve credit union members. 

Combined resources help advisors give high-quality advice to members.  CFS needs to provide unsurpassed capabilities to credit unions and their advisors, and needs to make it easy. Through utilizing our combined resources we will 

  1. Develop technology tools to serve members on their terms 
  2. Provide the best advisor training and support 
  3. Integrate with core loan and deposit products to provide a complete solution that will help members throughout their financial life 

All while remaining flexible and quick to respond to changing member needs. So that’s what we’re helping CFS develop. The best capabilities to optimally serve the most people. This is what excites us.  

Atria is fully committed to helping CFS serve credit unions for the long run. We intend to prioritize this channel because it aligns withour goal: helping improve people’s lives. Further, there are fantastic opportunities to grow credit union investment programs. For example, investments integrate seamlessly with other core products, and most credit unions’ member bases haven’t fully accessed their investment programs. Helping credit unions market and grow their programs leads to more members utilizing their services, which leads to happier and more loyal members. Growing investment programs within credit unions is a sensible and compelling opportunity. 

We’re aligned with CFS. In that belief and many others, we are 100 percent aligned with Valorie, Amy, and the entire team at CUSO Financial Services. And we’re committed to supporting them in their endeavors. They will continue to serve credit unions as they’ve done for the past 20 years, only now with the addition of our team at their side. We’re adding capital, resources, and decades of experience in helping advisors provide successful outcomes for their clients.  

The combined experience and expertise of Atria and CFS will provide credit unions and their advisors with the best possible platform to improve their members’ lives. Here’s to the future!

~ By Doug Ketterer, CEO, Atria Wealth Solutions